Career & Technical Scholarships

Interested in pursuing an associate’s degree or certificate program? We award 1020 scholarships at up to $2,500 each.

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Eligibility Criteria


Have completed high school (or earned a high school equivalency credential)


Will be enrolled in eligible program in Fall 2020


Exhibit a strong commitment to pursue and complete a career or technical program (up to 2 years) at an accredited non-profit post-secondary institution in the US


Demonstrated critical financial need (must be eligible to receive the Federal Pell grant as determined by completion of the FAFSA)


Demonstrated perseverance in overcoming adversity


Be under the age of 30


Be a United States citizen


What happens if I am awarded a CTE scholarship and change my program of study?
Does a check get sent to my school once I submit a request online?
Can I use this scholarship towards a Bachelors or Masters Degree?
How can I contact the Association if I have questions about the scholarship program?
What is the deadline for submitting my application?
How can I find out if my school is an eligible school?
Can the funds be used at a 4 year school?
I was just awarded the Career & Technical Education Scholarship but my tuition is due soon. Is there a way the Association can expedite my check or notify my school of this award?
Do I have to complete the application in one sitting?
Can the scholarship be used for exclusively online degrees?
If I were to receive the scholarship and then transfer to a new institution, would I still receive my scholarship?
What is the amount of the scholarship?
Who can apply for the Career & Technical Education Scholarship?
If I am awarded a Horatio Alger Association Scholarship, how will I receive my money?
I plan to attend college in the fall. Can I attend any school if awarded the Career & Technical Scholarship?
When are the winners notified? Are applicants who have not won also notified?
Can I receive the full $2,500 on my disbursement?
I missed the deadline, may I still apply?